What is Postural Restoration Therapy?

Postural Restoration Therapy

postural restoration

Postural Restoration is a form of physical therapy treatment that focuses on the entire body.  The treatment focuses on identifying and correcting common postural patterns found in the human body. Everyone has some form of asymmetry in their anatomy that influences the way they stand, sit, walk, and even breathe.  This asymmetry promotes our body to fall into neuromuscular patterns that negatively influence muscle function and structural alignment.   By addressing the underlying postural patterns, we can more effectively treat the patient, and at the same time teach them how to prevent further injury.  Postural Restoration is an effective treatment approach for most musculoskeletal problems typically seen in physical therapy.

Christine Phillips, PT is a Postural Restoration Institute trained physical therapist.  If you are suffering a condition that may be related to the asymmetry in your body, then contact us at 480-833-1005



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