How to properly treat an American Flag

us flag

Happy 4th of July!  This weekend you may be hanging your flag to honor the birth of our nation.  Take a moment to read these tips on how to properly treat your flag.

  1. Do not carry it Horizontally – The flag code states that it should be the flag should be held “aloft and free”.
  2. Do not wear the flag as a shirt or swimsuit – The flag code states that the flag should not be worn.  Clothing that isn’t a true representation of the American Flag is acceptable to wear.
  3. Do not buy those American Flag Napkins – Wiping your mouth with the American Flag is considered disrespectful
  4. Do not fly a flag at half mast for personal reasons – Only the President or state governor can order a flag being hung at half mast.
  5. Do not burn a dirty flag – The flag code recommends to clean and dry the flag with mild soap and water.
  6. Do not fly your flag in bad weather – Unless your flag is an all-weather flag you should take your flag down in poor weather in order to keep it from being ruined.

Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

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