Being pregnant with back pain

Can physical therapy help being pregnant with back pain?

by Whitney Bansner, PTA

pregnant woman with back painDuring pregnancy there comes a point where you will probably experience some pain, discomfort, and aches, especially in the low back. Being pregnant with back pain, physical therapy is a great option when practiced with the right precautions to decrease your symptoms. Physical therapy and exercise can also help prepare your body for delivery, as well as recovery. Talk to your health care provider about incorporating physical therapy into your prenatal care.
It is estimated up to 70% of pregnant women will experience low back pain sometime during their pregnancy.  A few of the reasons women experience low back pain can include: increase in hormones, a change in the body’s center of gravity, weight gain, poor posture, and increased stress.
Physical therapist or physical therapist assistants will work with you to develop an individualized program for pain relief. For example the treatment plans take a comprehensive approach and can include a variety of the following: posture corrections, joint alignment, muscle strengthening, flexibility, pain relief, and nerve involvement.
As an exciting mother to be, and a physical therapist assistant/athletic trainer I have already experienced some of these changes myself. Since the beginning of my pregnancy I have adjusted my exercise routine, incorporated more flexibility exercises, and continue to incorporate cardio staying within my health care provider’s restrictions. I have attempted to take a proactive approach because of my knowledge and I have already seen improvements in my posture and pain levels due to the physical changes my body is going through.
In the end, pregnancy is a true test and ultimate strain on your body. By taking a proactive approach you can prevent and/or decrease the intensity of symptoms that go hand in hand with pregnancy.

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