Laptop Ergonomics Guide

Laptops are more and more common in computing for home, work and school.  From a laptop ergonomics standpoint this leads to some ergonomics challenges that should be addressed.  Here are a few quick hints on setting up a laptop correctly:

  1. Purchase a laptop that is designed to meet your needs – Laptops can range from 2-10 pounds and measure between 11″-19″ in screen measurement.  Laptops smaller than 15″ will have a keyboard that is smaller and can cause issues with people with big hands.  Larger laptops begin to increase in weight and can be tiring to carry around if you a travelling with it often.  Keep these things in mind when purchasing a laptop.
  2. Consider backpack vs. shoulder bag for carrying laptop – While the backpack may not be as stylish, your back and shoulder will appreciate it if you travel with the laptop often.  Make sure the back pack is the appropriate size for your laptop.  Too big you could damage the laptop, too small…well good luck fitting it into the back pack.  If you only go short distances transporting the laptop, a shoulder bag will work, but consider alternating shoulders when carrying the bag.
  3. Big Projects – Whether it is school, work, or gaming, laptops are not designed to support good posture with use over long periods.  If you are working on the laptop for over 20 minutes at a bout, it is recommended you get a separate keyboard and mouse and use the laptop as a monitor.  Set the laptop up at a height and distance to encourage good posture.

And always remember….take postural breaks.  Stretch the shoulders, neck, chest and arms.  For more questions email with your question or call 480-833-1005