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Our Gilbert office now offers Powell Metabolic Program

Starting August 15th our Gilbert location, Carling Physical Therapy, will begin offering a Metabolic Program in conjunction with our physical therapy services.  Now when you get treatment for your physical therapy condition, you can take advantage of our Metabolic Program.  We have worked with many people over the years that are dealing with metabolic conditions […]

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Congratulations to Aaron Gilbert and Longevity Athletics!

Many of you know Aaron Gilbert, who has worked as our Lead Exercise Specialist in our Petersen Physical Therapy Maricopa Location,  Aaron is an expert in the field of fitness and nutrition. Over the years Aaron has taken his passion for teaching a healthy lifestyle and fitness and gradually built a thriving fitness business in Maricopa.  In […]

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What does Healthcare Reform mean to Physical Therapy?

 What does Healthcare Reform mean to Physical Therapy? Over the last couple of months we have gotten a lot of questions regarding, “What does Healthcare Reform mean to my physical therapy care starting in 2014?”  We know it can be confusing, and we can’t speak for other physical therapy practices but here is what Petersen […]

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