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Carpal Tunnel Treatment - Petersen Physical Therapy

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

carpal tunnelNumbness and a “pins and needle” sensation are the most common symptoms experienced in carpal tunnel syndrome. Weakness with pinching may result. Symptoms are often worse upon awakening or during activities that involve movement of the wrist. As the syndrome worsens, decreased grip strength makes it difficult to perform tasks with the hand.

The key factor in carpal tunnel syndrome tends to be the patient’s ergonomic situation. At Petersen Physical Therapy, we have certified ergonomic evaluation specialists who will meet with the patient in their home or office in order to improve their situation and prevent further injuries.

At Petersen Physical Therapy, we work with carpal tunnel patients to help them reduce pressure on the nerves and relieve pain. Our licensed therapists will meet one-on-one with the patient to evaluate their individual situation and develop a personalized rehabilitation program designed to train both the body and to educate the patient on decreasing the risk of re-injury, which can include:

  • Ultrasound Treatment
  • Moist Heat or Ice
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Manual Stretches
  • Joint Mobilization Techniques
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • A number of other techniques

Patient Experience

C. F. – Carpal Tunnel

My PT experience here has been a good one. I have returned to normal activities, increased strength and reduced pain. The staff has been very helpful, friendly and informative.

G. S. – Carpal Tunnel

This is the second time I have been to Petersen Physical Therapy (different injuries) and both times have been great experiences. The therapists are friendly, concerned for each patient and well trained. Being in physical therapy is not normally something one might think of as “a great experience”, but being here has been a motivating factor in real recovery of my injuries.

G. C. – Carpal Tunnel

I feel 100 times better now than when I started. Thank you.