Arming yourself for Baseball and Softball!

by Shawn Gorsline, PT, DPT

Little-league-pitcherThe temperature is heating up again, which can only mean one thing…baseball and softball season is about to begin!  This can also mean shoulder and elbow injuries for athletes will increase, as they start their spring seasons.  Shoulder injuries are the most common type of injury in baseball and softball, due to the mechanics of throwing a ball.  Some types of injuries can include rotator cuff tears, impingement syndrome, biceps tendinitis, and labral tears.  These injuries can ruin a season, but can be treated and prevented with physical therapy.
With proper training and education on correct throwing mechanics, throwing athletes can stay healthy through the season.  Throwing mechanics vary from person to person, but correcting simple mistakes can prevent significant injuries in the weeks or months to come.  Repetitive overuse of throwing can also cause injuries, which is why it is important to understand how much is too much (especially at younger, developing ages).  Many times the tiny rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder are not trained or developed properly, which can lead to both poor mechanics and injury.
Physical therapy and athletic training are key components in proper training before, during, and after an injury has taken place.  As a former college baseball player and intern with the Cleveland Indians, I understand how important it is to diagnose and treat the injury, so the athlete can return to his/her sport.  It is critical to understand the cause of the injury and correct it to prevent it from occurring every season, so that the athlete spends more time on the field than in the Doctor’s office.

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